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Around the world, projects are demonstrating the technical feasibility of equipment incorporating HTS. The text below highlights several project examples that have made recent progress.

AmpaCity Cable and Fault Current Limiter in Essen Germany

AmpaCity Cable and Fault Current Limiter in Essen Germany

Author: Bory Buth/Tuesday, July 19, 2016/Categories: Projects

A 1 km-long, 10 kV three-layer coaxial cable is currently in operation in the Essen grid. A fault current limiter (shown in the photo on right) was also installed and thus eliminated the need of four substations positioned downstream. The project focuses on the practical realization of superconducting cables and will identify any issues that arise during the two-year long operation. In-grid continuous loading trials began last summer. German electric utility RWE together with Siemens, Nexans, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are all working on this project. Demonstrations such as AmpaCity have the potential to change future public opinions for using HTS and liquid nitrogen systems. RWE is strengthening public relations on the HTS facility and its impact on the community in Essen. More than 100 press releases are available via TV, magazines, and newspapers. These efforts will result in the acceptance of HTS system in the society.

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