Strategic Direction

The HTS TCP conducts outreach toward electric utilities, governments, the professional engineering community, and the RD&D community to communicate the potential benefits of HTS technology.  Examples of this outreach include:

  • Developing position papers and strategic documents such as roadmaps and technical reports
  • Providing expertise that can inform the evaluations and assessments performed under the TCP
  • Interacting with other related TCPs to leverage synergies and opportunities
  • Disseminating our work at international forums and workshops and educate students, young engineers, and scientists about HTS applications in the power sector
  • Address and clarify perceived risks and hurdles to introduce a disruptive technology into the conservative electric power industry

The HTS TCP has developed a number of publications.

Interested in Membership?

The HTS TCP is a collaborative effort where national experts from industry, government and research work together to further the development and implementation of superconducting equipment for electric power systems. Joining the program brings you together as part of a group of worldwide experts.


  • Access to national representatives who are deeply involved in HTS for electric power systems
  • Gain the global overview
  • Strengthen national R&D capabilities
  • Share research costs
  • Pool technical resources
  • Avoid duplication and unproductive research paths
  • Standardize methodologies
  • Enhance the quality of R&D outputs
  • Disseminate information on technology capabilities
  • Accelerate the deployment of new technologies
  • Investigate barriers to implementation
  • Contribute to energy policy development

Researchers, policy-makers and industry members can all capitalize on these benefits. A sponsoring company or research organization would be welcome to attend the technical discussion day of the twice annually Executive Committee Meeting and would be acknowledged as a sponsor on the website.

How to join the program

If your country or organization has an HTS program we welcome you to join our Executive Committee to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by this task sharing activity. We offer two types of membership:

  • Contracting Parties: the national government of a country can join the HTS TCP as a Contracting Party.
  • Sponsors: research organizations, industry, and business partners may join the HTS TCP as Sponsors.

A government designates an entity to represent the country as its Contracting Party, this can be a ministry, national agency, research institution, private corporation, etc. Once a country joins as a Contracting Party, any national research institution, company and organization can have their experts join the work of the HTS TCP on a task sharing basis.  Both Contracting Parties and Sponsors will be welcomed to participate in the Annex work described above and both will have a representative on the Executive Committee.

The first step in membership participation is to contact Luciano Martini, Chairman of the HTS TCP to discuss and define options for participation. (Please note that HTS TCP membership is not open to individual persons.)

After the initial discussions, an exchange of letters (formal invitation, acceptance, and notification) occurs. The final step is the signing of the HTS TCP agreement.